Kay's Kreations

I've been doing stained glass and mosaics for about 3 years. I enjoy both, since they offer different opportunities to add charm and unique items to both the home and garden or landscape. I especially like making things with Texas themes.

Mosaic birdfeeders and birdhouses add a nice touch to any yard. They also offer something unique to make your garden stand out from others. They draw birds into your yard, adding enjoyment. Mosaic stepping stones also add a nice touch, whether you use them for a walkway or just to add a highlight to your garden. Mosaic flower pots can make your plants really stand out.

Stained glass hummingbird feeders draw these intriguing little birds into your yard. They make your yard stand out over the usual plastic feeders most people have. Stained glass panels make nice display items or gifts. They can be hung as is, or mounted in a picture frame to make them even more unique. Stained glass plant rooters are also unusual ways to propagate or display your plants, besides the usual jar or glass.

If you're looking for that unique gift for someone, or just something different for your home or garden, this can be it. Feel free to e-mail me with any questions or send a shipping address and I can get you price and shipping.

Thanks for looking.